Festival Review: Echoes Of Earth Rush a Regular Ship of Groove and Eco-Aware Lessons

Festival Review: Echoes Of Earth Rush a Regular Ship of Groove and Eco-Aware Lessons

By staying consistent in their messaging and curation that appears past overbooked, overplayed artists, the Bengaluru festival’s most accepted edition remained a success

Hanumankind on the Amur Falcon stage at Echoes of Earth Festival 2022 in Bengaluru.

From free lessons in natural world conservation to determining how to clap for some somewhat complex time signatures, Echoes of Earth can impart to produce an abilities love few other music gala’s.

The 2-day annual event held deep all the plot through the woods of Embassy Riding Faculty in Bengaluru returned after a two-365 days fracture attributable to the pandemic and it’s gain to impart it was as soon as relief to industry as routine. Beyond the trippy art work installations (a caracal whose eyes and head moved, for one), Echoes of Earth also featured a formidable lineup that seemed past the routine lot to preserve its commitment to recent music programming. Right here’s what else we picked up through the direction of the festival:

Earthy assert

Trashing all plastic from attendees at the entrance is a tag of commitment from the festival, with reusable steel cups and bottles on offer. The premise of a pet- and child-pleasant festival is one thing to impart on paper and wholly a few to hold. deal of room on the festival grounds made this more uncomplicated for the organizers, who also offered free water by the tank-full. An unavoidable comparison to Burning Man festival within the U.S. will be made, brooding about the dusty vibe, the visual mapping on trees, the introduction of a “bioluminescent woodland” and a few face-paint and glitter on attendees.

Strolling the toll road

Echoes of Earth, over about a editions now, has slowly found its groove in terms of appealing to sponsors but also champion ecological causes that – even though it’s primarily about elevating awareness – hold no longer advance across as preachy or superficial. They per chance wouldn’t dare compare individuals to stop smoking, even though – even though that exterior addiction can undoubtedly be accountable for negative human and environmental health.

Many Roots Ensemble on stage at Echoes of Earth Festival 2022.

Sonic leads

Groove and soul are somewhat grand at the heart of every artist requirement to play at Echoes of Earth, it would possibly maybe maybe maybe appear. From the many, style-hopping fascinating jams of The Lojal Expertise (joined by the likes of rapper Tintin and singer-songwriter Huyana), Ranj x Clifr and The Many Roots Ensemble to the riding electronica of Mannequin Dysfunction and beat-tape experiments by Jimmy It, the festival was as soon as all about getting individuals intriguing.

Artists love Hanumankind, on the opposite hand, had a few plans, curating recent self-discipline cloth for his location and within the break having a coronary heart-to-coronary heart alongside with his target market. From “Genghis” to dissing guidelines enforcement and digging into groovier unreleased self-discipline cloth love “Disco Tokyo,” Hanumankind arguably did it all after which got here relief the subsequent day with neo hip-hop act T.sick APES for even more grooves and love.

The likes of Lojal, Hyderabad singer-songwriter Peekay and Bengaluru act Two Eyed Wizard had a gamble to play to wholly a few crowds at Echoes of Earth with two sets. It would’ve had blended results given how the Gigantic Tree stage wasn’t the finest plot for of us, on the opposite hand it remained a attempting out ground for artists love Sanoli Chowdhury, who was as soon as joined by Modern York/Bengaluru artist Anisha Vora aka Nimbu for a rapid but wavy location.

Worldwide rep collectively-starters

Belgium act Tukan were amongst our licensed artists on day one, performing at the Ibex stage and bringing a journeying electronic/put up-rock intent but performing it as an EDM DJ would, with the exception of with a reside band. They’d dreamily constructed sojourns which jumped from cinematic jazz to math-rock.

The Scorpion stage at Echoes of Earth Festival 2022.

Bankable artists love Dorian Theory, synth-heavy purveyors Atmoem, U.K. act The Turbans and Germany’s Klangphonics were ever the heavy-hitters with soaring sets that drew their crowds.

Day two observed Malian guitar wizard and singer Vieux Farka Toure and final-minute additions Monoswezi (comprising musicians from Mozambique, Norway, Sweden and Zimbabwe) herald a wonderfully strong dose of African rhythms and stomping blues-rock goodness within the case of Toure.

The jam vibe of bands love Many Roots Ensemble, the delicateness of Straightforward Wanderlings and jazz-urged pop by Tara Lily also added to the variety, which was as soon as a wholesome response to the all-out electronic music being dished out at the festival’s most crowded and common stage, the Scorpion stage, which had trees all the plot through, nearly making it a woodland getaway. DJ-producers love Baalti and Dreamstates going B2B with Zokhuma remained a highlight, with Henry Saiz Band’s presentation of the Moonlight Wolves closing off the festival on a high.

Speaking of that level of intensity, it felt love Yussef Dayes Expertise were nearly given too early a festival slot, but technical difficulties led them to rep on half of an hour late and placed on a entirely memorable tag that went from drum solos to jazz-soaked jams and a guest in sitarist Rishab Sharma. The appropriate blend of soul and dexterity, no one would possibly maybe gain their eyes (or their phone cameras) off Dayes for the length of his hour-prolonged location.

It was as soon as adopted by a moderately delayed but transformative reside location by Sandunes, who was as soon as joined by Joshua Fernandez aka JBabe on vocal and guitar duties, bassist-producer Krishan Jhaveri, drummer Aditya Ashok aka OX7GEN and guest vocalist Ranjani Ramadoss aka Ranj. Seeing Sandunes hammer away at her pads with glee confirmed us that the Mumbai producer in point of fact remains even handed one of potentially the most shape-shifting, creative artists of our times.

Closing but no longer least – the complications

Because it turns out, no festival is devoid of considerations even though it has been consistently running at the identical venue and around the identical time of the 365 days for somewhat some time now. The Gigantic Tree stage was as soon as likely a changeover stage, but in a technique, it went on ideal as the predominant levels – Amur Falcon and Ibex – began up, which supposed that the sound would bleed into every other and trigger cacophony. While some artists were stuck at entry gates, there have been tranquil considerations raised by the police that led to minor disruptions. Nothing that can stall the tag, on the opposite hand it goes to display cloak that running a festival in India is as dynamic and tense as it ever has been and we hope Echoes of Earth moves forward with more considerations addressed for the hundreds who’re in point of fact faithfully following the festival.

Photos: Courtesy of Echoes of Earth

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