NCA officer questioned in Investigatory Powers Tribunal over failure to repeat EncroChat notes

NCA officer questioned in Investigatory Powers Tribunal over failure to repeat EncroChat notes

A National Crime Agency (NCA) officer faced questions in Britain’s most secret court on Wednesday 14 December after she failed to repeat a key document regarding the agency’s use of hacked textual suppose material messages from the EncroChat encrypted phone network in felony prosecutions for over two years.

NCA intelligence officer Emma Sweeting urged the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) that she might perhaps well presumably now no longer indicate why she had overpassed her notes of a gathering she attended with French and Dutch police officers at Europol in 2020 till October this year.

The tribunal is hearing a ultimate mission by 10 defendants over the lawfulness of British police’s use of proof bought by French and Dutch investigators in a new hacking operation against the EncroChat phone network, which ended in over 1,550 arrests and hundreds of prosecutions in the UK.

Legal professionals performing for the defendants claim the NCA “deliberately misled” the fair judicial commissioner requested to authorise the NCA’s surveillance warrant by failing to supply a candid explanation of the hacking operation.

They urged the tribunal the day gone by that the warrant given to the NCA to allow it to use EncroChat proof in felony prosecutions turn out to be once issued unlawfully and attributable to this fact turn out to be once in breach of the last notice of privateness under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The IPT heard that the director overall of the NCA, Lynne Owens, wrongly popular a Focused Equipment Interference (TEI) warrant – the only real warrant that would allow messages and images intercepted from EncroChat to be historical as proof in court.

“The director overall turn out to be once defective in legislation to approve this as a TEI,” a defence attorney urged the tribunal.

He said that under the Investigatory Powers Act, the only real warrant that can be lawfully historical to quiz hacked messages from the French turn out to be once a Focused Interception (TI) warrant, which might perhaps well presumably perhaps only allow EncroChat messages to be historical for intelligence capabilities, quite than proof.

The court previously heard that the NCA’s warrant application turn out to be once based on an myth of an off-the-file dialog between an NCA intelligence officer, Emma Sweeting, and a French cyber crime officer, Jeremy Decou, after the assembly at Europol.

The NCA has now no longer requested for written confirmation from the French that the dialog between Decou and Sweeting took location, or that the NCA’s summary of the EncroChat operation that Sweeting requested Decou to substantiate turn out to be once honest, the tribunal turn out to be once urged.

Lacking notes

The tribunal heard the day gone by that Sweeting had chanced on “rolling notes” of a key assembly at Europol between 19 and 21 February 2020 on her laptop in October this year, some two years after disclosing a summary of the assembly in earlier EncroChat lawsuits.

The court heard that the newly chanced on notes showed that Europol had drawn 18 “conclusions” regarding the EncroChat operation, two of which had been missing from the notes the NCA historical because the root of its warrant application.

The missing conclusions connected to the samples of EncroChat details already on hand to French authorities, and the NCA’s salvage admission to to Threat to Life (TTL) evaluation tools.

Legal professionals for the complainants argue that the proof suggests the NCA had salvage admission to to are residing intercepted messages from the EncroChat intention, which had been attributable to this fact decrypted. If proper, that would invalidate the utilization of EncroChat in proof in the UK.

The NCA maintains that it bought unencrypted messages taken from memory storage in phone handsets, quite than through are residing interceptions. 

Sweeting turn out to be once requested why she had written “would now no longer be ready to drag are residing on intercept” and that “intercept proof is now no longer ample, would want e.g forensics as successfully” in the newly disclosed notes.

The intelligence officer said one of the notes referred to comments made by other countries on the Europol assembly and that she might perhaps well presumably now no longer guarantee they connected to the UK.

Sweeting’s notes additionally recorded that messages nonetheless in transmission by the French authorities can be “decrypted utilizing a key”.

Defence lawyers said this indicated that Sweeting had details about how EncroChat details turn out to be once bought sooner than the warrant application.

Yet any other masks stating that the NCA would want both TEI and TI warrants turn out to be once passed over of documents historical by the agency in its warrant application.

Sweeting said she discussed her notes with colleagues after the assembly to compose sure they had been lawful and honest.

She said she turn out to be once unable to give extra info about how her “rolling masks” turn out to be once became into a summary masks for the NCA.

Europol didn’t assess EncroChat’s use by criminals

The NCA has argued that the EncroChat phone intention turn out to be once almost fully historical by criminals.

The court heard that Sweeting had written that Europol would compose an overview around the user nasty being fully felony, in her new notes from the Europol assembly.

Below questioning, Sweeting said countries taking segment in the EncroChat operation had been ecstatic that the service turn out to be once historical almost completely by criminals.

There turn out to be once no want for Europol to behavior that closing overview, she said, as all americans turn out to be once assured that criminals can be utilizing EncroChat.

She agreed that the fact that Europol had now no longer accomplished an overview of felony use of EncroChat had now no longer been integrated in the warrant application.

Below defective-examination Sweeting urged the court that she had disclosed a summary of her notes, most regularly known as the “blue and dusky masks” in 2020, however had now no longer realised yet any other model existed: “I had an truthfully held the assumption that this turn out to be once the only real model, however that turn out to be once an error.”

She said it turn out to be once now no longer the case that she had known the sooner document turn out to be once on her laptop all alongside, and he or she apologised to the court for disclosing it so slack.

“I’m in a position to’t take into myth exactly the place I chanced on the document, whether it turn out to be once a Z pressure or an electronic mail attachment,” she said.

Sweeting said she spell-checked the “blue and dusky” notes after going through them with colleagues on the Europol assembly to ensure that they had been honest, sooner than sending them to the gold commander responsible of Operation Venetic, Matt Horne, on 23 February 2020.

She said the NCA does now no longer robotically delete correspondence as a topic of policy.

Below defective-examination, Sweeting said she didn’t deliberately delete any documents, or consciously hang conclude any details from the documents on the muse submitted to the judicial commissioner.

She additionally claimed that, on the level of the assembly between the NCA and Europol, French authorities had only bought “imaged” details from EncroChat servers, and that they’d now no longer yet performed their fashion of a “formulation” to extract extra details from the network.

Wayne Johns, a senior investigating officer on the NCA, turn out to be once additionally requested about whether any person else in the NCA questioned Sweeting’s claims that a TEI turn out to be once indispensable. Johns said he turn out to be once ignorant of this taking place.

Johns, the named officer on the NCA’s TEI warrant, said he had no belief of the underlying technical info that would compose a TEI warrant ethical.

All over a follow up assembly with Europol on 9 March the NCA turn out to be once urged that extra conferences might be organized to focus on procedural follow up and subsequent stages of cooperation, “once technical portion of interception and decoding” is over. 

Johns said he turn out to be once now no longer mindful of what turn out to be once supposed by interception and decoding, and does now no longer rob any person from NCA asking both.

‘Intentionally deceptive’

Matthew Ryder KC claimed that Sweeting’s testimony conflicted with old testimony and that he would put up to the court that Sweeting has been “deliberately deceptive” or “wilfully blind”.

The court refused a quiz by defence lawyers to dispute the NCA to repeat its ultimate advice on the EncroChat warrant.

A attorney for the NCA argued that it had now no longer waived ultimate privilege by disclosing info of its ultimate advice in documents submitted to the court.

According to an electronic mail read out in court, attributable to the rapid-spirited nature of the EncroChat mission, there turn out to be once no particular ultimate advice given to the NCA on the utilization of “equipment interference” (hacking) to compose EncroChat messages.

The case continues.

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