Vin Diesel Rescued Brittney Griner, According to These Memes

Vin Diesel Rescued Brittney Griner, According to These Memes

The ‘Posthaste & Mad’ well-known particular person acknowledged he wanted the WNBA player launched from Russian custody by Christmas, and… it labored?

Vin Diesel, American hero. AMY SUSSMAN/GETTY IMAGES

After 10 months in Russian custody on drug costs, WNBA well-known particular person Brittney Griner is coming dwelling on story of of a prisoner swap negotiated by the U.S. Relate Department. This decision to Griner’s harrowing detainment in a international country comes as a welcome reduction to People who had followed the narrative — although the cautious diplomacy it took to free her isn’t reasonably the stuff of action blockbusters. That’s where Vin Diesel comes in.

Right over a week previously, the Posthaste & Mad well-known particular person issued a build a question to on Instagram: “I need Brittney Griner dwelling sooner than Christmas.” On inspection, the describe shows Diesel giving a thumbs-up at a Lakers sport reasonably than a WNBA sport — but no topic. Furthermore, the put up has since been eradicated, perchance on story of Diesel didn’t comprise the rights to the image (celebrities chance complaints when they put up paparazzi photos of themselves). However, again, it’s immaterial, as the jokes about Diesel touring to Russia and fetching Griner himself had already begun.

my dawg acknowledged if he dont see brittney griner by the twenty fifth, russia gon see dom toretto on the twenty sixth

— IV (@BlessBattle) November 28, 2022

Days later, Diesel received precisely what he used to be after, and fans couldn’t wait on attributing the accurate news to the head of the Family himself. Develop to be once it simply the capability of his observe that compelled Russia’s hand? Or the implied threat that he’d camouflage up in a turbo-powered muscle vehicle to wreak havoc all around the country on a brave quest to set apart Griner?

Can’t wait to picture my grandchildren that Vin Diesel in my opinion went to set apart Britney Griner lol

— SSID/Vanmond Velaryon (@1017Van) December 8, 2022

No manner Vin Diesel acknowledged comprise her dwelling sooner than Christmas and it labored.

— Mr. Gatesberg (@TrustSwisho) December 8, 2022

Diesel has yet to formally claim any credit, and it’s no longer going Griner is aware of anything else of this a laugh twist of destiny. Perchance when she’s happily assist on U.S. soil and reunited alongside with her household, she’ll be in an arena to ride the memes about being rescued by a buff bald man with a gravelly teach who can power in a manner that defies all known licensed pointers of physics. Hey, she and Diesel might well perhaps even toast her return with some ice-cool Coronas.

Right, we’ll by no methodology salvage to scrutinize Diesel powerslide into the Russian penal colony where Griner used to be held — except he makes a movie about her ordeal that completely dispenses with the categorical occasions — but on this celebratory day, it’s good to imagine some implausible American heroism. With hundreds chilly explosions.

Vin Diesel build a F150 in the sky and performed the job

— 🐐 (@B__Hen) December 8, 2022

vin diesel used to be gonna power a dodge charger during the dome of the kremlin for brittney griner

— zaytoven ibrahimović (@paulycristo) December 8, 2022

So thanks, Vin. That you might perchance also just no longer comprise in my opinion had well-known to make with the magnificent statecraft of retrieving an innocent woman locked up by an authoritarian regime, however the Instagram put up obvious didn’t hurt. Time to salvage in the assist of the wheel and trot off into the sunset.

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